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November 15, 2008

How to handle e2dk links with Firefox easily

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In most Linux systems, self-compiled aMule will install the ed2k utility in /usr/local/bin/ed2k, while package-installed aMule version will install it in /usr/bin/ed2k. SuSE packages put it in /usr/local/bin/ed2k.

Even if you installed Debian or Ubuntu distros you have to get “amule-utils” package to allow everything working properly.

Handling ED2k links in Firefox can be configured in two different ways: for an individual user or for all computer users as well.

Configuration for Firefox 2

  1. Open up your browser
  2. Write about:config in the address bar
  3. Right click on the list, select New, then Boolean
  4. Insert network.protocol-handler.external.ed2k as Preference Name and set Value to true
  5. Right click again, select New and String
  6. Insert as Preference Name and set Value as /path/to/ed2k (path to where the file is installed on your linux box)

Configuration for Firefox 3

Follow the above todo list and:

7.  Right click on the list, select New, then Boolean, insert network.protocol-handler.expose.ed2k as Preference Name and set Value to false

After those steps, click an ed2k link, and Firefox should ask which application you want to use to open the same link. Choose /usr/local/bin/ed2k and it should work fine.


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